"I've known Jenna since I was about five years old, and she buried me in the sandbox. After probably ten years apart, I re-met Jenna on a dance floor in wenatchee. Few things have changed since then. She still attacks every challenge and agenda with the same drive and excitement. I've been dancing with her for years, and am a true miracle story that proves anyone can learn to be a good dancer with the right teacher like Jenna. All I can say is Jenna knows her stuff, is fun, and will have you laughing your butt off and dancing in no time! HIRE HER!!!!!!" - Brady Dundas

Yearnin' for some learnin'?

Dance instruction available in:

  • Lindy Hop
  • Blues
  • Balboa
  • Charleston
  • Collegiate Shag
  • Waltz
  • Foxtrot
  • Salsa
  • East Coast Swing

We offer local classes, private lessons and workshops. Click on the links below to find out all about the many options for dance instruction.

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Private Instruction

Instruction is available for individual and group private lessons. Please contact us for pricing info. We sometimes offer special rates, and we work with individuals, as well as small and large groups. Please contact us and we will figure out the best package for your needs.

Classes can be held at our home "studio" (aka apartment), at the park, a rented studio, or at any number of other places we can conjur up. Classes are typically a 1 hour format, and we provide a range of moves, techniques, creativity, and even Charleston Cardio!

Workshops, Special and Weekly Dance Events

I am available for all day workshops, special dance events, or your local weekly dances! If this is something you are interested in, there are a variety of ways to work it out. I have different teaching partners available, and rates/travel can be negotiable. I love traveling, and helping to grow scenes. So please bring me to your city!

I am available to teach with a variety of regular partners, or on my own. I can also teach with a local instructor, or recommended partner for events. My regular teaching partner is Jon Tigert (jontigert@gmail.com). Additional preferred teaching partners are available. If you would like the names of additional partners, please inquire.

I am currently teaching in various areas around the world. Check out my website at JennaApplegarth.com to learn more.

Have questions? Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us for more information.